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SiteSpeed Hosting Company was originally started to address a gap in the WordPress hosting market. Most companies who advertise “Managed WordPress Hosting” are doing a bare minimum to actually manage the hosting. If it can’t be easily automated, they don’t do it. We’re more of a “full service” WordPress managed hosting company. We update your WordPress core, your plugins and your themes. We manage your backups, retention policy and disaster recovery (all backups are sent to offsite storage). We monitor your uptime, your security and your performance. While other hosting companies are shooting for quantity, we’re shooting for quality.
During the process, we realized we could also optimize our hosting – both at the hardware level and the software level – specifically to make WordPress websites fast. We’ve migrated WordPress websites from the biggest names in hosting and routinely see drastic performance gains with no changes other than the server. Look at the list below for a small sampling of hosting companies people have left in favor of SiteSpeed Hosting.


Switching From:

People just like you routinely switch to us from some of the largest names in hosting. We take great care to make sure it was a good move.


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