WordPress Updates

Unless this is turned off, WordPress core updates happen automatically. Unless we find an issue with your site, we continue to let this happen automatically.

Theme Updates

Many sites use a customized off-the-shelf theme that periodically comes up with updates. We help you keep your theme up to date and current.

Plugin Updates

Plugin updates are a pariah. Not all updates are made equal and not all plugins are compatible with each other. We keep your plugins up to date and secure.

Backup Policy

We create and maintain a backup policy including off-site backups for your site to ensure that if things go wrong, you have a restore point to recover.

Security Monitoring

If you have a WordPress site online, you can guarantee that it's being probed for vulnerabilities. We handle your security monitoring to keep you safe.

Uptime Monitoring

Nobody wants to be the last to know when their site goes down. We utilize uptime monitoring software so that in the unlikely event of downtime we know first.