Switching From:

People just like you routinely switch to us from some of the largest names in hosting. We take great care to make sure it was a good move.

Server Response Time Improvement
PageSpeed Load Time Improvement

Simply moving a site to our servers with no other changes, we’re seeing – on average – a 50.55% improvement in server response time, which is the time it takes for the server to process a request, generate the response, and start sending the response back to the user. So if it takes your current server 1 second to do this work, it would take our servers only a half second.

On top of that, we’re seeing – on average – a 45% improvement in the load time for end users, meaning your end users would see your page load in almost half the time simply by moving your site to our servers.


Who Cares?

Search Engines

Google and other search engines factor your site speed into their search engine rankings. All things equal, faster sites rank higher. A faster website is an investment in your SEO strategy.

Your Visitors

With the increase in availability of high speed internet, visitors have become increasingly impatient. Nearly half of all users will abandon a site that hasn't loaded within three seconds.

Your Staff

There's nothing worse than lost productivity due to website lag. Better performance helps fulfill orders, post content and approve comments - faster.

As the numbers prove, there are many ways we work to improve your site performance including: